Hier könnt ihr Euch für die Rennen des Race in the park/ Cyclevision vom 28.-30.06.2019 anmelden. Wir benötigen dafür einmalig eure Kontaktdaten. Diese werden nicht an dritte weitergeben.

Allerdings werden einige Daten in der Starterliste veröffentlicht. 


You can register yourself here for the races at the Cyclevision from the 28th to 30th of June 2019  Therefore we need once your contact details. We ensure that we use your details only for registration issus and will not forward them to thrid parties.

But we will publish some of them (Name, age and category) in a list of participants.

The following races are included in the BeND.

Race Time
Fastest lap Sa, 9:30
10 laps Sa, 12:30
3h Criterium Sa, 15:15
1h Criterium So, 15:00





Race track

Below you find a map showing the race track.


Racepark Meppen | Am Rögelberg 5 | 49716 Meppen

Geodaten (Kopie)
  • 52.760222,7.280927 Dez.-Grad
  • N52 45.613 E007 16.856 Grad Min.
  • N52° 45' 36.799" E007° 16' 51.337" Grad Mn Sk
  • 32U E 383999 N 5846983 UTM
  • 32ULD E 83999 N 46983 MGRS
  • X 810509 Y 6938768 Merc. WGS
  • X 809602 Y 6931004 Merc. Falk
  • X HL622 Y RRS0Z NAC
  • R 2586512 H 5848268 GK
  • JO32PS32RK QTH
  • u1mhjsty GeoHash
  • 9F49Q76J+39M